Erin Wathen Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and Food Addiction Counselor

Erin Wathen
Integrative Nutrition Health Coach from Institute for Integrative Nutrition || 844-513-3997

I live in Fairfield County, Connecticut and have always been interested in Health and Fitness. I am a Star Three Spinning Instructor, Classical Pilates, 200 Hour Vinyasa teacher. I am a coach in Integrative Nutrition, an I Quit Sugar Affiliate and I have graduated from IIN and Infact in May 2017.

Growing up in a beach town in California, I was always an active kid, competed on sports teams in high school, taught swim lessons and water aerobics in college. I have run 1/2 marathons, finished a Tough Mudder and 6 hour Spin rides for Charity. Fitness is just one piece of my life.

I have two kids, a husband, dog and a cat, many responsibilities and obligations. My life is crazy, so I understand yours. However, our health does not need to be out of balance. Together, we can have peace of mind, a healthy body and overall wellness.

My philosophy simply put; Health isn’t a number on the scale or how often we exercise, but our lives as whole. Together we will work on solutions that fit into your lifestyle. I will help you live your healthiest life in our crazy world.

My services:

Weight Loss Coach Program

  • Includes ten one-hour customized coaching sessions
  • A full set of meeting notes and guidance
  • Email and Text support throughout the program
  • Daily Food Journal check-ins and feedback
  • Menu ideas, recipes and strategies for every food situation out there
  • Exercise Recommendations

Erin Wathen || 844-513-3997
Instagram: erinwathenwellness